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The View From Above: Real Estate Edition

The Australian real estate realm has embarked on a thrilling voyage, where trends dance as vibrantly as the landscapes themselves.

The collective worth of Australian residential havens has ascended to an awe-inspiring $10 trillion milestone, a feat previously achieved in June 2022. Comprising residential and commercial real estate, and agricultural land, this total value equates to approximately A$591 trillion and ranks 10th in the world.

This upward trajectory commenced earnestly in March, orchestrating a notable 4.9% surge in home values in QLD YTD. It is official, National values have fully recovered from a tempered market in 2022.


Over the past year, state wide house listing volumes have dropped by 18.8%, with almost every major market across Queensland showing a double digit decrease in properties available for purchase in 2023.

QLD’s highest volume of house sales across the last quarter were Brisbane (2,774), Gold Coast (1,780), and Moreton Bay (1,530), followed closely by Logan (1,177) and Sunshine Coast (1,056). The strongest house market performers for quarterly growth were Brisbane (4.62%), Redland (4.58%), and Noosa (4%).

While challenges persist in some niches of the market, the nationwide resurgence paints a promising picture for both eager homebuyers and savvy investors.

As we navigate these ever-changing real estate landscapes, the signs are brimming with optimism. Brisbane’s measured resurgence and Noosa’s extraordinary growth both offer unique opportunities. The Australian housing market, despite its challenges, remains resilient and teeming with potential.

For those eager to stay ahead of the curve and remain abreast of the ever-evolving real estate seascape, I extend an invitation to stay connected with me for regular updates. Together, we can continue to explore the bourgeoning opportunities in the Australian real estate market.

Your property dreams and investment aspirations deserve nothing less than the latest insights and expert guidance. Stay tuned for more updates and invaluable insights into the glamorous world of real estate

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