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Imika Neylan


Imika Neylan

Formerly trained as a professional ballet dancer, Imika brings a deep understanding of commitment paired with unrelenting dedication, and a fresh approach to customer relations and marketing. An eloquent communicator with a warm and engaging nature, Imika is a powerful and positive force to be reckoned with.

With previous experience in all departments within the office, Imika developed an extensive understanding of all areas in the industry before forming a sales partnership with her father. Imika is very interested in progressive marketing including social media and PR for property and regularly attends training to improve her dialogue and negotiation skills.

In just a few short years she claimed her place among Noosa’s real estate landscape and is known for her authentic personality and regarded as one of Noosa’s ones to watch. Imika enjoys all forms of exercise including dance & boxing and has undeniable style and appreciation for Australian design & fashion.


Industry Expert